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What We’ve Done Doesn’t Matter

When the father saw his prodigal son coming up the road he bolted out of the house and went to him in a dead sprint. When he got to his son he threw both arms around him and embraced him with pure, unrestrained joy. The kid was weary, beaten down, and defeated. Covered in shame and guilt.

Son: Dad, I’ve screwed up big-time. Messed up everything. I’m not worthy to be called your son. Just make me a servant – that’s all I deserve.

The father completely ignores what his son just said. Doesn’t even acknowledge it. Why? Because it doesn’t matter.

Bring the best robe for my son and put it on him. (I am the covering for my son.)

Put a ring on his finger. (He is my son, my family, and the world will know it.)

Put sandals on his feet. (From now on I will help guide his steps – help him discover his path.)

Kill the fattened calf. (My son has come home, and we’re going to celebrate.)

Restoration matters. Coming home matters. Stepping into our place as son and heir matters.

What we’ve done doesn’t matter.


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