4:30 AM

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It’s 4:30 AM. Somewhere a baby is sleeping. Somewhere a single mother is lying awake, asking God how she’s going to pay the rent. Somewhere a man is leaving for work. Somewhere a woman is coming home from work. Somewhere people are driving. Somewhere a woman sits on her porch and sips coffee. Somewhere a […]


First Day

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The alarm on the window sill begins to fade in and you slowly come to life and roll onto your back. You didn’t sleep well, or at least enough, because the anxiousness kept you awake two hours longer than planned. Ten more minutes? No, you have to get up. Coffee comes first because this is […]



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The sun is forcing mid-morning light through the curtains by the time your eyes are open and the whir of the air conditioner is the only sound. What time is it? Irrelevant. You walk to the kitchen and pour cereal and look through the window and if it can look hot outside, it does. The […]